Sinotruk HOWO Truck Spare Parts Drive Shaft



Products Detail:

Part No. 199012410125
English Part Name Drive shaft
Size 1000x650x600mm
Weight 300 kg
Delivery Time At any time

Our Spare Parts Advantage:

Multiple resource to meet different clients’ request.

We have the parts original from truck/machine factory, the parts from supply factory, who supply to SINOTRUK, SHACMAN…../we have parts which are from other big parts factory, but quality is also good and economical. In this case, clients can have more choice in both price and brands.

Quality Control

We have strict quality control on each spare parts. Each cooperate factory are selected strictly by our technical engineers. When selecting suppliers, they not only inspect the parts quality, but also inspect their material, their craftsmanship and their technic improvement ability. In this case, we can ensure most of our parts are durable on market.

Lower Transport Cost 

As we know, most spare parts are heavy and most of our clients are far away from China. So the economical transport cost is more important. To lower clients’ purchase cost, we built special cooperation with DHL, TNT and Deppon, so Clients’ cost is much lowered.
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1 AZ2203040001 1 The spindle assembly
2 WG2203040201 1 Spindle head assembly
4 Q5280310 2 Elastic cylindrical pin
5 WG2229040201 2 Hex key
7 WG2210040002 1 Main shaft block
9 WG2210040003 1 Driving driving gear (high)
11 AZ2280040003 1 Drive gear (height) parameter card
12 AZ2280040013 1 Drive gear (height) parameter card
13 WG2210020003 1 Insert the splitter synchronizer cone hub
15 WG2210040004 1 Main shaft three gear
17 AZ2280040004 1 Spindle third gear parameter card
18 WG2210040005 1 Spindle second gear
20 AZ2280040005 1 Spindle second gear parameter card
21 WG2210040006 1 Spindle first gear
23 AZ2280040006 1 Spindle first gear parameter card
24 WG2210040007 1 Main shaft reverse gear
26 AZ2280040007 1 Spindle reverse gear parameter card
27 WG2210040210 2 The spindle sleeve
29 AZ2280040010 1 Spindle sliding sleeve parameter card
30 AZ2280040015 1 Spindle sliding sleeve parameter card
31 WG2229040003 5 circlip
33 WG2210040012 5 Spline block slice
35 AZ2280040012 1 Spline baffle parameter card
36 AZ2208040001 1 Spline adjustment slice set
37 WG2210040021 1 Spline adjustment piece
39 WG2210040022 1 Spline adjustment piece
41 WG2210040023 1 Spline adjustment piece
43 WG2210040024 1 Spline adjustment piece
45 AZ2280040002 1 Spindle large baffle parameter card
46 AZ2208040002 1 Spindle adjusting gasket set
47 WG2229040031 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
49 WG2229040032 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
51 WG2229040033 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
53 WG2229040034 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
55 WG2229040035 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
57 WG2229040036 1 Spindle adjusting gasket
59 WG2229040037 1 Spindle adjusting gasket (6.15)
61 WG2229040038 1 Spindle adjusting gasket (6.30)
63 WG2229040039 1 Spindle adjusting gasket (6.45)
65 WG2210040211 1 The reverse gear sliding sleeve
67 WG2210020004 1 Splitter synchronizer synchronizer ring


Product Details

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