Transmission Parts Drive Input Shaft for Isuzu 4JA1 Engine

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for Isuzu

Transmission Parts Drive Input Shaft for Isuzu 4JA1 Engine

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1.Picture ofTransmission parts drive input shaft :

2.We can offer the Transmission parts drive input shaft :

part name part name part name part name middle five gear component input shaft subassembly oil seal shift gear shaft shifting block middle five gear gear and wheel parts input shaft subassembly reverse gear rocker arm bracket component elastic cylindrical pin five gear toothed sleeve input shaft bearing reverse gear rocker arm bracket shift gear shaft oil seal three,four,five gear spring caulking ring input shaft needle roller pin pillar shell five gear slipper block input shaft component clip middle joint plate 3/4 synchronizer component location plug S shape oil seal clutch shell 3/4gear synchronizer dentale 1/2/3/4/R fork shaft location spring odometer engaged wheel shaft support five gear thrust washer 3/4 gear toothed sleeve short plunder interlock O-ring middle five gear needle bearing 3/4 gear slipper block 5 gear shifting fork odometer driving wheel output shaft bering baffle 1/2 synchronizer component interlock guide pole shift gear cover subassemble one gear shaft sleeve 1/2 synchronizer dentale interlock pin shift gear cover output shaft bering 1/2 synchronizer toothed sleeve 1/2 gear shifting fork flap washer separate shift fork protecting cap 1/2 synchronizer caulking ring 1/2 gear fork shaft hex nut SQ6.35 steel ball 1/2 gear slipper block 1/2 gear guide shoe spring washer reverse gear idler shaft 1/2 synchronizer gear ring 3/4 shifting fork select gear rocker arm middle shaft back bearing 1/2 synchronizer gear ring 3/4 fork shaft select shaft oil seal middle shaft front bearing one gear component reverse gear fork shaft shift gear rocker arm air plug one gear needle bearing five gear fork shaft spring washer filling oil plug two gear component stell ball hex nut release oil plug two gear needle bearing 5/R gear guide pole dustproof cover recersing light switch 3.4.5 gear synchronizer gear ring 5 gear fork shaft location spring big taper straight pin 3.4.5 gear synchronizer gear ring afterbody subassembly shift gear shaft guy clip three gear component dustproof cover select gear shaft small hollow pin three gear needle bearing oil seal limited block seal gasket five gear joint tooth guide nozzle limited spring reverse rocker arm component reverse gear idler component afterbody component small taper split baffle ring output five gear gear ring guide oil groove elastic cylindrical pin reverse rocker arm middle shaft joint tooth front cover component calathiform patch reverse gear deflector rod output shaft front cover replacement spring reverse put forward

3.The engine models of above parts are as follows:

4JA1,4JA2,4JB1,4JB2,4JG2,4BA1,4BB1, 4BC1,4BC2, 4BD1,4BD2,4BE1,4BG1,4HF1, 4ZB1,4ZD1,4ZE1,6BB1 6BD1, 6BG1, 6HE1, 6HF1,6HH1,6SA1,6SD1, 6WA1 6WF1, 6RB1,6QA1,8DC8,8DC9,C190,C223,C240, DA120 DA640, DH100, E120PB, 10PA1,10PB1, 10PC1, 10PD1, 10PE1, VJ26 VB430013 etc.

Products include:

1.cylinder block

2.cylinder head

3.cylinder liner



6.connect rod


8.intake gasket

9.exhaust gasket


11.oil pump


13.piston pin

14.piston ring

15.valve intake

16.valve exhaust

17.oil cooler



21.thrust rod

22.water pump

23.oil filter

24.air filter


26.startor kit

28.rod push

29.sea water pump

30.water pump parts

31.sea water pump parts

32.static seal assy

34.assy clutch driven plate

35.assy clutch head and platen


37.fuel jet pump

38.shift power pump

39.shift paddle assy pump

40.hydraulic shift pump

41.air comperssor assy

42.self-stater assy

43.dynamo assy

44.assy water temperature sensor

45.assy revolution speed sensor

46.vent maniford

47.oil staff gauge

48.driving wheel

49.middle cooler etc.


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